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Beatrice is the second project in the Beloved Bodies series. The movement video focuses on the the medieval treatise called ‘7 manners of Holy Love’ written by the Cistercian nun and mystic Beatrice of Nazareth. The video focuses on the ecstatic nature of dance, music, mysticism and love.

  • BEATRICE – Project 2 - Music: Surfing Dino ft. Xenia ; Choreography: Sander Vloebergs and Ina Wellens; Video : Jelle Wildiers
  • Lyrics Beatrice – Surfing Dino - There is a power inside of me that isn’t mine Give me strength to become it’s master Can I be someone new Can I do it all for you Can it be enough If I sacrifice my humble soul ’till my body’s turning cold Phyical feelings locked in a cage Will you be satisfied even […]
  • Seven Ways of Loving. Choreographed Poetry on Beatrice’s Treatise - BEATRICE – Project 2 was originally a dance project featuring Sander Vloebergs and Sheila Van den Broeck. Unfortunately Sheila needed to stop the collaboration due to an injury. During the summer of 2018, both dancers worked on a pas de deux based on the short treatise of the Dutch mystic Beatrice of Nazareth called the On Seven Ways of Holy Love, while searching for interesting collaboration with musicians. During this period, Sheila wrote […]
  • Between Ecstasy and Harmony. Choreography and Video of Beatrice - Ondertusschen so wert minne so ongehmate ende so ouerbrekende in der sielen alse har seluen so starkeleke ende so verwoedelike berurt int herte, dat hare dunct, dat har herte menichfoudeleke wert seere gewont ende dat die wonden dagelix veruerschet werden ende verseert, in smerteliker weelichheiden en de in nuer iegenwordicheiden. Ende so dunct hare dat har […]
  • Pleasure and Pain in Art and Music – Beatrice by Surfing Dino - The Gods, however, took pity on the human race, born to suffer as it was, and gave it relief in the form of religious festivals to serve as periods of rest from its labors. They gave us the Muses, with Apollo their leader, and Dionysus; by having these gods to share their holidays, men were to […]
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