Lyrics Beatrice – Surfing Dino

There is a power inside of me that isn’t mine
Give me strength to become it’s master

Can I be someone new
Can I do it all for you
Can it be enough
If I sacrifice my humble soul

’till my body’s turning cold
Phyical feelings locked in a cage
Will you be satisfied even if I tried
Harder and better than good

My heart is talking on it’ own
My body’s walking all alone
Remember I’m yours to be taken

Don’t wanna be forgotten and left behind
Cursed to be searching blind
Blinded by the pain, I can’t breathe
From heart till throat till mind I bleed

Finally, together, forever inside
Hope transformed in a reliable guide
Being one makes me feel more than a wife
Take me with you to the afterlife

Love is just a fling
not a bad thing
Love is just a toy
Something I enjoy

L’amore è solo un giocattolo (repeated)

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