Sander Vloebergs obtained a PhD in Theology (KULeuven) and Literature (UAntwerpen). He is a choreographer and visual artist and the founder of the Artistic Theology Lab. He is currently a researcher at the KU Leuven and University of Bonn and guest lecturer at the LUCA School of Arts where he teaches medieval art history. He is preparing a curated performance project and a liturgical dance spectacle.

Artistic Theology Lab

The Artistic Theology Lab is founded by theologian – artist Sander Vloebergs. It aims to create an inspiring work environment where religious, academic and artistic communities can meet. The Lab is a place to explore the relationship between theology and the arts, especially between dance and mysticism.

This academic and religious art project proposes a collaboration between artists, religious institutions, and academics (theologians, philosophers, (art) historians and literary scholars). Using practice-as-research methodologies, the lab produces art works and academic reflections that aim to innovate the fields of theology and artistic research. This practice generates a network of people. The Lab’s projects, supervised by Sander, represent concrete encounters between stakeholders that belong to the three different communities.

Projects and networks

Exposition Geliefde lichamen
(June-July 2019)

Video Project Beloved Bodies

De wolf van Gubbio
(March 2022)

Opus Corporis

(May-June 2022)


(May-September 2022)


(October-November 2022)