LUTGARDIS – Project 3

LUTGARDIS is the third video in the Beloved Bodies series. 3 dancers represent 3 parts of the original text (source material), namely the vita of Lutgardis of Aywières. 3 artistic media come together (video, dance and music) to investigate the fluidity of identity.

  • FluX.LuX.VoX.CruX - Video and Choreography of LUTGARDIS. Project 3 FLUX. Identities fluctuate. Identities grow and harmonize but they also destroy and cause conflict. They are negotiated and renegotiated over time and within different spaces. The choreography is inspired by the three chapters of Lutgardis’ hagiography (saint life), three parts of her identity. Lutgardis’ life was documented by … Continue reading FluX.LuX.VoX.CruX
  • Beata Viscera Lutgardis Virginis - The Music of LUTARDIS – Project 3 The music for the artistic dance video LUTGARDIS – Project 3 was created by composer Valéry Demaré in collaboration with choreographer Sander Vloebergs. This blog offers an insight in the process of music making and the creation of a unique composition based on an intertextual study and an … Continue reading Beata Viscera Lutgardis Virginis
  • LUTGARDIS – PROJECT 3 - Video: Pol HerrmannMusic: Valery Demaré (conductor),Therese Depretre (soprano), Charlotte Deschamps (alto) and François Martens (bass) Choreography: Sander Vloebergs, with Linde Michiels and Linde Stiers