Eva Beazar – Renée Lorie

STATUES – Work in Progress

A Preliminary Statement

Visual artists Eva Beazar and Renée Lorie teamed up to work on their project called ‘Statues’. This project explores the interconnected themes of sin, pain and community using photography, video, sculpture and drawing. Their work is inspired by the Mulieres Religiosae and Christina Mirabilis and Lutgardis of Anwyères in particular. Via a atomospheric representation the artist duo manifests the relation between suffering bodies and their community. They decided to start with analysing shapes and gestures of hands and feet, parts of the body that are related to emotional expressivity. These hands and feet represent human bodies in relation to one another, bodies in community. Their goal is to create a big amount of them in order to investigate the role of pain, fragility and resistence within a community of suffering bodily members.