Geliefde lichamen


Geliefde lichamen

“Words and kisses caress her body”. Movement. Sacred Space. Woman. Ecstasy. Absence. 

Sander presented the first results of this experimental artistic multimedia project in the Grote Kapel of Kadoc (KULeuven) from June 21th – July 12th. Sander collaborated with artists and academics from diverse disciplines to explore the potential of a sacred body in a contemporary sacred space. He investigated the role and meanings of a body being virtually, imaginary and physically present and absent, using a unique exploration of Flanders’ mystical past. Sander opens a dialogue between contemporary artists and thirteenth-century women like Christina the Astonishing, Lutgardis of Tongeren and Ida of Louvain – women who were worshiped as living saints. They danced and sung ecstatically in churches and on the streets, fulfilled with a divine presence. Their heavenly bodies were incorporated in a community, a history, that lovingly commemorates their absence and passionately represents their presence. Beloved Bodies. 


KADOC – Leuven

Project Duration:

June-July 2019